Mohawk Solar

Working Together for a Clean Energy Future

Mohawk Solar is a proposed 90.5 MW-AC solar project located in the Towns of Canajoharie and Minden in Montgomery County, NY. Consistent with the NY Public Service Commission’s proceeding implementing a Clean Energy Standard, which supports the development of clean energy and renewable resources in New York State, the project will safely generate enough clean, renewable electricity to power over 20,000 households and offset approximately 140,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year.

Mohawk Solar will be sited on approximately 900 acres of non-contiguous parcels, interspersed with ongoing agricultural activity. Land leases with private landowners will provide a consistent revenue stream for local farmers and residents for the life of the project, in excess of typical farm income. The project will use the same type of photovoltaic panels installed on over one million homes in the United States. Solar equipment is a proven and safe technology in applications from fields to rooftops of homes, schools, and businesses.

The project will provide a significant economic stimulus to the area during construction by providing jobs and local contracts for goods and services, and significant long-term economic benefits through lease revenue to local landowners and tax revenue to the community.

Responsibly sited solar facilities can provide a net benefit to the preservation of agricultural land. The facility is not a permanent structure and funding is provided to decommission the project at the end of its useful life. The project essentially provides a form of preservation for agricultural land by maintaining permeable land surface and improving soil quality over the project life. After decommissioning, the project leaves no trace so land can be returned to agricultural use. Setbacks, fencing, and landscape buffering enable solar projects to blend comfortably into the community.


This notice announces that on or about May 4, 2020, Mohawk Solar LLC (Applicant) will file a Joint Application for wetlands and related permits, including a request for a Water Quality Certification (WQC), with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the New York State Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment (Siting Board) relating to the proposed up to 90.5-megawatt alternating current (MW-AC) solar electric generating facility (consisting of 518 acres of solar photovoltaic (PV) panel arrays and related components) to be located in the Towns of Canajoharie and Minden, Montgomery County, New York, and known as Mohawk Solar (the Facility).

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Project Location

The proposed Mohawk Solar project would include the Canajoharie and Minden Townships in Montgomery County, New York.

Mohawk Solar by the Numbers

  • 90.5 MW-AC
  • will power over 20,000 average homes per year
  • will offset approximately 140,000 tons of CO2 per year
  • will offset approximately 135 million pounds of coal burned per year
  • will generate enough electricity to power more than 28,000 households and that we will offset approx. 55,500 in CO2 emissions.

Expected Local Economic Benefits

300+ construction jobs ($11,000,000 labor budget anticipated).
5 full time jobs. Seasonal employees: grass cutting, snow plowing.
$600,000 annual landowner payments. 
Additional tax revenue to local municipalities.
Shops, hardware stores, restaurants, construction material suppliers all will benefit both during construction and into operation, yielding a significant economic multiplier.

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Mohawk Solar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Avangrid Renewables.  If you are looking for any publicly filed project permitting documents, or can’t find them listed below, please email us.

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