Avangrid Renewables works hard to earn the trust and respect of the communities where we do business. We believe in developing and maintaining strong relationships with landowners and local communities.

Avangrid Renewables is committed to a sustainable energy model and protecting the environment. By protecting wildlife and natural habitats, we can ensure that these precious resources are unharmed for future generations.

It is not enough simply to comply with today’s environmental laws, regulations, and applicable standards. At Avangrid Renewables, we are committed to anticipating new requirements and applying industry best practices in the preservation of our environment.

Learn more about what AVANGRID is doing to support Sustainability HERE.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

As an organization, we have a distinctive approach that sets us apart from our competitors. We provide rigorous ethical standards and controls at an organizational level through a variety of corporate governance and business controls programs and procedures.

To learn more about our approach to corporate social responsibility, please visit the website of our parent Avangrid, Inc. company for an extensive collection of policy and performance information.