Offshore Wind



Avangrid Renewables is playing a leading role in the growing U.S. offshore wind industry, a reliable source of clean energy with significant job-creation potential in the United States. Primarily based in the Boston area with additional operations in Connecticut and Virginia, our passionate and diverse team is rapidly growing. For a complete list of open positions in the offshore wind business, click here.




Through a 50-50 partnership with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, Avangrid Renewables is constructing the first commercial-scale offshore wind project in the United States, Vineyard Wind One. The project is located 14 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts, and has been awarded an 800 MW power purchase agreement with Massachusetts utilities.

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Avangrid Renewables is also developing the Park City Wind Project to supply clean energy to the state of Connecticut. The 804 MW project executed power purchase agreements with Connecticut utilities in mid-2020. The proposed offshore wind development, located in a wind lease area south of Martha’s Vineyard, would power approximately 14 percent of Connecticut’s electricity supply, and avoid emitting 25 million tons of carbon emissions in the state over the life of the project. The project is named after the City of Bridgeport, Connecticut, often referred to as The Park City, and has the potential to establish Bridgeport as an American hub for the emerging U.S. offshore wind industry.

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In late 2021, Massachusetts selected the 1,232 MW Commonwealth Wind project as part of its third offshore wind competitive procurement process to advance to contract negotiations. This award makes Avangrid Renewables the largest offshore wind supplier in New England. The project proposal outlined hundreds of millions of investments in offshore wind infrastructure, the creation of thousands of jobs, and substantial commitments to environmental justice communities.

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Avangrid Renewables won the Kitty Hawk Offshore wind area bid from the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to lease 122,405 offshore acres off the coast of North Carolina and Virginia, and is studying the area in more detail as part of early stage project development.

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