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    Avangrid Renewables Launches the Largest “Green” Balancing Authority

    Demonstrates Innovative Renewable Solutions for Customers August 1, 2018 PORTLAND, Ore. — Continuing its legacy of utilizing sophisticated technology blended with innovative expertise to provide a more cost-effective solution for its customers, Avangrid Renewables has launched its “Green” Balancing Authority in the western region power sector. “This is an exciting, dynamic moment for our customers,” said Avangrid Renewables CEO Laura Beane. “Yet, this is also a very logical next step for us as we have been running a “self-supply” renewable delivery program for our WECC customers for quite a while now. This allows us to offer our customers a more cost-effective solution and greater access to customized products and services.” LEARN MORE

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    Our Growing Solar Business

    Avangrid Renewables’ commitment to renewable energy features a growing solar business. Our expertise as one of the nation’s leading wind farm developers has uniquely prepared the company to develop and operate commercial-scale photovoltaic (“PV”) projects. We leverage our success working with landowners, government agencies, permitting authorities and customers to thoughtfully and competitively deliver solar projects to the energy grid.

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