Iberdrola Renewables Sells First North Dakota Wind Farm Output to Missouri River Energy Services

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April 20, 2009

Portland, Ore. — Iberdrola Renewables, Inc. today announced it has signed a contract with Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) to purchase wind energy from Iberdrola Renewables' Rugby Wind Project, now under construction near Rugby, North Dakota.

MRES is the first utility to contract for output from the project and the first to purchase power under Iberdrola Renewables' unique reverse request for proposal. In all, the Rugby Wind Project will include 71 turbines capable of producing 149 megawatts of power when the project is completed this winter. The MRES share could produce enough electricity to power almost 11,000 homes.

Transmission service is in place, according to the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator.

"North Dakota has the greatest potential of any state in the nation for wind power, and every wind turbine that goes up helps our state's economy. I applaud both Iberdrola Renewables and Missouri River Energy Services for their partnership and for their efforts to generate electricity from clean, renewable prairie wind," said U.S. Senator Kent Conrad.

"North Dakota is the Saudi Arabia of wind," U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan said. "We have the ability to provide a significant amount of wind energy to the nation, and this agreement shows that our efforts to develop our wind industry have only begun. I'm going to keep pushing for policies in Congress that help us develop our wind resource for the benefit of the whole country."

U.S. Representative Earl Pomeroy said, "I am very pleased by today's announcement that Missouri River Energy Services has agreed to purchase wind energy from Iberdrola Renewables' Rugby Wind Project. North Dakota has the greatest potential for wind energy in the country and this project brings us a step closer to fully realizing that potential."

"There are a number of reasons why we chose to participate in the Rugby Wind Project," said MRES Marketing and Development Director Jeff Peters. "For one, this project fits very well with our strategy of investing in renewable energy and it is appealing because of the available transmission. Also, it helps us comply with renewable energy requirements in each of the four states in which MRES has members. Finally, we have great confidence in the developer, Iberdrola Renewables, which is the largest provider of wind energy projects in the world."

"We are pleased to work with MRES to provide clean, homegrown energy to their customers," said Kevin Helmich, director of origination for Iberdrola Renewables. "When we build in areas with great wind resources and partner with committed, long-term customers like MRES, we together meet the need for more renewable energy."

The addition of the 40 megawatts from the Rugby project will bring the total wind power capacity of MRES to 82.4 megawatts, almost all of which has been added to the MRES generation portfolio in the past two years.

MRES, based in Sioux Falls, is an organization of 60 member communities in the states of Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. MRES member communities own and operate local electric distribution systems. MRES is a provider of electric power and energy to its members.

Iberdrola Renewables is the largest provider of wind power in the world. Its North American headquarters are located in Portland, Oregon and the company employs 817 people in the US and Canada.

Art Sasse, Director, Communications & Brand, Iberdrola Renewables, 503-796-7740
Paul Copleman, Media Relations, Iberdrola Renewables, 207-641-2805