Iberdrola Renewables' Gary LeMoine Earns Safety Award

National Advocacy Group Recognizes LeMoine's Contributions to Wind Industry Safety

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May 4, 2009

Portland, Ore. — The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) today honored Iberdrola Renewables' Gary LeMoine, director of environmental health safety and security. LeMoine was presented with the AWEA Achievement in Operations Award for his tireless dedication and leadership on behalf of wind industry safety. LeMoine received the award at the national advocacy group's annual conference in Chicago.

"If you've ever been through a bad accident, it's the worst experience you can ever have, and there's nothing you can do to make up for it," said LeMoine. "The reason safety is important to me is just to send people home safely to their families at night."

AWEA president-elect Don Furman, senior vice president for development, transmission and policy at Iberdrola Renewables said: "Gary is the heart of the recent safety effort in the industry. He's the one who pushed elevation of the safety committee and its activities to where it is today."

LeMoine was instrumental in AWEA's Safety Committee, leading the effort to organize safety professionals from throughout the wind industry. He served three years as the committee's vice chairman, has spoken at numerous AWEA conferences and symposiums, and served as co-chair of the first-ever AWEA Safety Conference in 2007. Lemoine has also advocated on behalf of the industry for Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance, and started numerous AWEA-based efforts to proactively liaise with OSHA personnel.

An organization such as AWEA unites diverse wind power developers, construction companies and plant operators and provides an important industry forum for safety. "It's important to have a consistent set of safety standards everywhere in the US so people know what to expect," said Kevin Devlin, vice president of wind operations for Iberdrola Renewables.

LeMoine's work has shaped the way Iberdrola Renewables and its predecessor entity PPM Energy tackle safety issues. "Gary has been very instrumental in driving our approach to safety," said Ralph Currey, president and CEO of Iberdrola Renewables. "We believe that it's not safety first or safety last but that we integrate safety in everything we do."

Denise Bode, AWEA CEO, thanked LeMoine for his many safety leadership contributions. "As chair of AWEA's Safety Committee, Gary LeMoine has been a tireless champion for a consistently safe and reliable wind business. The industry's record of safety is excellent, and our Safety Committee is working to further strengthen that record as the wind industry grows. We are grateful for Gary's committed leadership and look forward to continued efforts in this essential area of our business."

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