ENSTOR Announces Open Season for Houston Storage Hub

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September 20, 2005

Houston Hub Storage and Transportation, L. P., an affiliate of ENSTOR Operating Company, LLC, will be accepting bids for firm storage capacity at its Houston Storage Hub for service commencing April 1, 2008. Non-binding bids will be due by 5:00 p.m. CST on October 14, 2005. All successful bidding parties will be contacted to further negotiate contract specifics in mid November, 2005.

ENSTOR's Houston Storage Hub is designed to interconnect with 4 interstate and intrastate pipelines and provide firm storage services of approximately 9 annual cycles. Total working storage capacity would be 12 Bcf upon completion of this facility and have a maximum daily deliverability of 1,000,000 Mcfd.

The ENSTOR Houston Storage Hub could also be utilized as a header system allowing customers to capture value between the various pipeline locations. ENSTOR's Houston Storage Hub is positioned strategically in the gas transmission grid with access to multiple supply points and demand centers.

Parties interested in bidding for firm storage at Houston Storage Hub should contact Theresa Branney at (281) 374-3078 or David Kley at (281) 374-3061 for further information or visit www.ENSTORinc.com. All bids over the minimum threshold will be considered for final awarding.